Boot Cleaning

Whether your cowboy boots cost 100 bucks or $13K (Yes, that’s our most expensive boot in the store - Lucchese L1067-24 ), you want to take care of them and the best way to do that is to have them cleaned and conditioned on a regular basis. Not only does Alcala’s offer a full selection of products to maintenance your boots, but we also have an in-house cleaning service and if you bought your boots from our store (you’ll see an “Alcala’s” stamp in the shaft), it only costs you $3 to get your boots cleaned by one of our experts. Cowhide, snakeskin, gator, we’ve got the tools and the talent to make them look new again. Even if you didn’t your boots from here, we’ll still clean them for you. We can also do shoes as well. Cleanings start at $15 per pair, please bring your boots in for a quote. If we’re not too busy, we’ll try to clean ‘em while you wait, otherwise, just leave them with us and we’ll take good care of them. New boot buyers often ask us how often they should be cleaned. We recommend a cleaning after any excessive use outdoors or overexposure to water and at least twice a year as routine maintenance.