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Alterations Feature

We do things old-school here at Alcala’s and that includes having a tailor on staff to make sure that whatever you buy, in every sense of the term, is a perfect fit. There are things that we do here, however, that almost no one else in the city of Chicago can do. Ask around looking for a tailor who both hems and tapers denim and you’ll have a hard time finding someone to get the job done and certainly not with the speed and precision of our tailor, Condrado; a man so good his nickname is “The Maestro.” Whether it’s Levi’s or Wranglers or even a unique pair of raw denim you buy in a boutique store,( yes, he’ll even tailor things bought outside our store) The Maestro has the right thread, needle and know-how to make you say “WOW!” Give us a call for an estimate or just stop in and talk to the man himself about what he can do to customize your look!

Conrado free alterations jans suits

When you buy shirts, jeans or just any apparel in general we will gladly do all alterations for free!
Our Expert tailor Conrado can do it all! Whether you need your jeans shortened or your suit taken in, its all free at Alcala's. Our customers call him the #1 Tailor in Chicago